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"We're all on a journey through life and the only way to get there is through living it".

M y thoughts as an artist! 

                         “Changing our world one Art Creation at a time".
                                                                                            -Joe Molina

 I am an artist and artists feel life, love, pain, and
most emotions with more intensity than most people.
I intuitively feel, process, intellectualize and articulate
my interpretation of my own reality.
All that I am and say, I feel is real and may haunt others.
I am thankful for the ability to describe many
unspoken emotions through my art and hope that it
resonates with others.

 I'm living for today and dying for tomorrow!
Just sharing my deepest thoughts.
Coping with the reality of being myself and my life.
As an artist my job is to create thought provoking ideas and sometimes it's painful.
The day that we are born, the slow process of dying begins.
It truly is up to you on your own demise and the mark that you leave behind.

I have hope for everyone!
We will survive, we will accomplish, we will succeed!
I'm holding strong with the blessing of tomorrow.

 Day by day!

 My heart goes out to those that understand that we are all connected and need one another!

I will Fight !! Many causes !! Show something that is dark and says I am what I am. I will die for it!! I will show beauty and fear !!! Dark is what I am inside at times !! All that we are is trying to find a place to belong !!

Art is freedom !!

 The three letters that changed my whole life about five years ago. Not Man, God, not even Woman, but ART. Art is everywhere and for everyone. We see it, wear it, taste it, hear it, smell it, think it, and create it. ART IS LIFE! It changes our world. I live it, I Love it, and I Feel it. If I have ever stood up for anything it would be this and it is a way of life that is for those that need to be woken.  A message that must be said. Throught Art I can finally communicate and express what I've been trying to say all my life.

Changing our world one art creation at a time.

A new day, A new way, a new life. Stand for what you believe in. With passion, compassion, love and stand up for those that cannot. I will fight for a positive change. Fight for those that might be afraid to speak out in fear of being criticized, ostracized, losing a job or just do not know how to articulate there thought into words. Art does
 that for us all. It liberates us and gives us the freedom.

All Life is Suffering! Everyone living thing! It's a choice on how we choose to live it. I wouldn't have it any other way. It makes us who we are. Changing who you are is not the answer. We are all born with a gift and that is simply to be you. No regrets but only another reminder that we can make a positive difference in the life of others. Smiles and tears.

 This conversation needs to happen!

 I'm preparing for a new and good things to happen knowing that it's not for me or about me. It's only for you and about you. I only hope this conversation will help guide others and open up a dialog for spiritual uplifting.

 Once you create a masterpiece, it is no longer yours, it belongs to the you know. A dialogue is important, we're all in this together. I see life from the eyes of an empathic being. I see and feel all of our pain and then interpret it through my art. To me, art comes from the soul.
It is very soulful and for myself, it feeds the soul!

Joe Molina
Molina Art LLC

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